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HPTC00052986, 5031681625300, 5045173473751, MDAC00052986, 482000026835, C00052986

Ensure you have full control of your cooking by replacing your faulty thermocouple. This part is a genuine Ariston replacement, designed to provide you with an efficient and effective repair

Ariston Oven & Cooker

BVTC560 AR, CISKBT6001H IX, KBH 6000 IX-1, KBH 6014 D IX-1, KBH 6014(BI)-1, KBH 6024 DO IX-1, KBH6000 BI-1, KBH6000 IX-1, KBH6004 BI-1, KBH6004 IX-1, KBH6014 IX-1, KBH6034DO BI, KBH6034DO IX, KBH8034TO IX, KBM 6004 IX, KBM6001H IX, KBM6004 CL, KBM6011DH CL, KBT 6004 (BI), KBT 6004 CL, KBT 6004 IX, KBT 6011 DH CL, KBT 6104 I CL, KBT 6114 D IX, KBT 6124 D (BI), KBT 6124 D IX, KBT 6412 I (BI), KBT 6422 I (IX), KBT 7114 D BI, KBT6004 BI, KBT6004-C IX, KBT6011DH CL, KBT6013ID BI, KBT6013ID IX, KBT6114D-C IX, KBT6114ID BI, KBT6114ID IX, KBT6124ID BI, KBT6124ID BI 400, KBT6124ID IX, KBT6124ID IX 400, KBT6313I T BI, KBT6412I BI, KBT6412I IX, KBT6424DO BI, KBT6424DO IX, KBT8134DO GE IX, KBT8424DO IX, KBT8424IDO IX 400, KOT 7134 HDO, KOT7134DO BI, KOT7424ID BI, KOT7424ID BI 400, KOT7424IO BI 400, KP600 IX, KT6003QO BK, KT6003QO IX, KT7404QDO BK, KT7404QDO IX, KTI6323 O IX, KTI6424D IX, KTI7024 O IX, NEM 645 D C, NEM 645 D X, NIC 641 B, NRA 640 B, NRA 640 X, NRC 641 D B, NRC 641 D X, NRM 640 X, NRO 642 D Z, B40TC AR DX 1V5 VC, B40TC AR SX 1V5 VC, B40TCDX2VBFB, BP18030TC-AS(SX), BP30TC, BP30TC AR, BP30TC-CSBNV, BP40TC, BP40TCAR, BQ40DCDR AR, CISPH640MS(IX), CISPH640MS(WH), CISPH640MST(AN)R, CISPH640MST(IX), CISTD640ES(ICE), DD641ABK, DD641AICE, DD642ABK, DD642ABKIL, DD642AICE, DD642AWH, DD751WABK, KBT8424IDO IX, PC631X, PC640TGH, PC640TGHAUS, PC640TGHAUS.1, PC640TWH, PC640TX, PC640TXAUS, PC640TXAUS.1, PC640X, PC750TGH, PC750TGHAUS, PC760FGHAG, PC930TX, PCN641TIXA, PCN642AWH, PCN642IXA, PCN642NABK, PCN642TIXA, PCN642TIXAIL, PCN731TD2IXA, PCN732TD2IXA, PCN751TIXA, PCN752TIXA, PCN752TIXAIL, PCN752UIXANK, PF631AS(IX), PF631AS(TF), PF631AS(WH), PF631ES(IX), PF631ES(WH), PF64(IX), PF640AS(AN), PF640AS(AV), PF640AS(AX), PF640AS(BK), PF640AS(GW-PB), PF640AS(IX), PF640AS(IX)U, PF640AS(OG), PF640AS(OS), PF640AS(OW), PF640AS(PA), PF640AS(TF), PF640AS(WH), PF640AS(WH)U, PF640ES(AN), PF640ES(AN)R, PF640ES(AV), PF640ES(AV)R, PF640ES(AX), PF640ES(BK), PF640ES(IX), PF640ES(IX)EX, PF640ES(IX)U, PF640ES(OS), PF640ES(OS)R, PF640ES(OW), PF640ES(OW)R, PF640ES(TF), PF640ES(WH), PF640ES(WH)U, PF640EST(IX), PF640EST(IX)NG, PF640PS(IX)AG, PF740AS(AX), PF740AS(BK), PF740AS(IX), PF740AS(TF), PF740AS(WH), PF740AS.1(IX), PF740AS.1(TF), PF740AS.1(WH), PF741AS(IX), PF741AS(TF), PF741AS(WH), PF741AS.1(IX), PF741AS.1(TF), PF741AS.1(WH), PF750AS(AX), PF750AS(IX), PF750AS(TF), PF750AS(WH), PF750ASP(AN), PF750ASP(AX), PF750ASP(IX), PF750ASP(TF), PF750ASP(WH), PF750AST(AN), PF750AST(AN)R, PF750AST(AV), PF750AST(AV)R, PF750AST(AX), PF750AST(AX)IR, PF750AST(BK), PF750AST(GH), PF750AST(GW-PB), PF750AST(GW-PB)R, PF750AST(IX), PF750AST(OG), PF750AST(OS), PF750AST(OS)R, PF750AST(OW), PF750AST(OW)R, PF750AST(PA), PF750AST(PA)R, PF750AST(PK), PF750AST(TF), PF750AST(WH), PF750ASTXX, PF760AS(AN), PF760AS(AV), PF760AS(AX), PF760AS(BK), PF760AS(GH), PF760AS(GW-PB), PF760AS(IX), PF760AS(OG), PF760AS(OS), PF760AS(OW), PF760AS(PA), PF760AS(PK), PF760AS(TF), PF760AS(WH), PF760ASXX, PF760DRGH(AN), 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C612SP6(X)T, C612SP6(X)U, C617P(X)EU, C6191PAF, C6192PBF, C619M(W)T, C619M(X)T, C619M.3(W)T, C619M.3(X)T, C619MXT, C619P(W)F, C61SM2(W)T, C61SP1(X)EU, C61SP6(X)T, C61ST6(W)T, C642G(W), C6471GAF, C647BT(W)F, C647E(W), C647E(W)O, C647E.3(W)I, C647G(W), C647G(W)B, C647G(W)F, C647G(W)R, C647G(X), C647G(X)EU, C647GAR, C647M(W), C647P(W), C647P(X), C647P.3(X)I, C647PT(W)B, C647PT.3(W)B, C647PV(W), C647WEX, C648BX, C648MT(XA), C648PT.3XB, C648PT.4XI, C648PTX, C648PTXB, C649B(W)T, C649P(A), C649P(B), C649P(W)R, C649P(X)R, C649P.4(A)I, C649PT(W)U, C649PT(X)U, C649PT(XA), C649PT.3(W)U, C649PT.3(X)U, C649PT.3XAU, C649PTXAU, C649PV(A)R, C649PV(W)F, C649PV(X)U, C649PV.3(X)U, C64SG1(W)AG, C64SG1(W)B, C64SG1(W)EX, C64SG1(W)I, C64SG1(X)AG, C64SG1(X)I, C64SG1XEX, C64SG3(B)R, C64SG3(W)R, C64SG3(X)R, C64SM2(W)T, C64SN(W)T, C64SN1(W)I, C64SP4(W)IL, C64SP4(X)IL, C64ST(W)T, C658P.3(X)T, C658PXT, C659BX, C659BX.1, C659BXAG, C659BXB, C659P(X)UK, C659P.4XF, C659P.4XI, C659PX, C659PX.1, C659PXF, C659PXNG, 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CX64ST6(W)T, CX650SP1(X)AG, CX65SEAXI, CX65SF9XU, CX65SFAXI, CX65SM2 X AUS, CX65SM2XAUSS, CX65SP1(W)B, CX65SP1(W)I, CX65SP1(W)IL, CX65SP1(X)AG, CX65SP1(X)I, CX65SP1(X)IL, CX65SP1WBS, CX65SP1XIS, CX65SP2XB, CX65SP2XNL, CX65SP4(W)R, CX65SP4(X)R, CX660SP6(X)AG, CX660SP6XAG, CX66SP6(A)U, CX66SP6(X)AG, CX67SP6XNG, PRO950 GT (X), PRO95GT(X).01, XC902GHDC, XC902GHDC(AUS), XC902GHDC.3, XC902GHDC.3NL, XC902GHDC-NL

HPTC00052986, 5031681625300, 5045173473751, MDAC00052986, 482000026835, C00052986